Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Character: Nathan Scott

Nathan Royal Scott is the handsome, cocky, star of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team. He is the only son of Deb Scott, and the youngest son of Dan Scott, successful car salesman and at one time, Tree Hill mayor. As the son of the biggest basketball star Tree Hill had ever seen, Nathan was always pushed produce results on the court. The pressure from his father was constant and at times, so overwhelming that it pushed Nathan to extreme measures.

Though it was never talked about, Nathan was aware that he had an older brother, Lucas Scott, the son of Dan's high school sweetheart, Karen Roe. Nathan never attempted to know Lucas, until he was forced to play on the same basketball team with his half-brother. Once the fact that Dan Scott passed on his basketball talent to both of his sons became clear to the entire town, the tension between the two Scott boys became extreme and, at time, violent.

In an attempt to mess with his brother's head, Nathan asked Haley James, longtime pal of Lucas, to tutor him. Little did he know that Haley would turn out to be the love of his life. The two were married their junior year of high school. Their marriage went sour when Haley met a musician by the name of Chris Keller, who offered Haley the chance to open for The Wreckers on a national tour. Haley left Nathan behind and went on tour with Chris.

After months of pain and anger, Nathan moved back in with his parents, only to find Haley back on his doorstep. The two reconciled the during their senior year and renewed their vows and shortly after, Haley was pregnant. On the day of their high school graduation, Haley went into labor, and the two welcomed a boy, James Lucas Scott, into their lives.

After graduation, Nathan went on to play college basketball at the small college his brother and high school coach, Whitey Durham, went on to coach for. After four years, he was set to be drafted by the Seattle Sonics. At the pre-draft celebration, Nathan was involved in a bar fight that left him temporarily paralyzed and nis NBA dream as shattered as the window he was thrown through.

Currently Nathan resides in Tree Hill, NC with his wife (singer) and son (now seven years old).

In the end of season seven it is revealed that Nathan and Haley are expecting their second child (probably a girl).

He goes by Nate, Hotshot, Boy Toy, or in Haley's case, simply "My husband." 

Nathan and Haley are affectionately called "Naley".

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